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About Our Products

041738-12-top-27625.1500010751.550.550.jpgWe draw on the vast skill of artisans and entrepreneurs throughout the world to provide high quality, handcrafted, ethically sourced house wares and apparel. Although most of our products are fair trade items from developing countries, we also offer a carefully selected collection of items made in the U.S.A., primarily in our own Pacific Northwest. We sometimes hear from customers wondering why they can only put one of an item in their cart. The answer is many of our products are one of a kind and only one is available.

We began back in 2010 with a specialty in African baskets, and have slowly branched out to clothing, body care products and more. Baskets are still the heart and soul of Tango Zulu, and we aim to broaden our selection to include those made in parts of the world beyond Africa.

Most of the brands we carry are Fair Trade Federations members. We provide brand information on each product, and are happy to provide more details on how, where, and with what materials each item is made.

We can fulfill custom and/or bulk orders of many of our products. We also sell wholesale felted soap that we produce in house.