African Bolga Market Basket Large in Natural

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  • Diameter: 15"-16"
  • Depth: 8"-10" not including Handle, 15"-16" including handle
  • Color and Pattern: natural/no dye
  • Country of Origin: Ghana

This large Bolga market basket contains no dye, so it is the natural straw color of the grass it is woven from. It is round with a single goat skin handle, and is a perfect farmer's market basket. This fair trade African basket is 15"-16" in diameter and 8"-10" deep, not including the handle. Each one comes with a hang tag with information about fair trade Bolga baskets. Although the basket you receive will be very similar in dimensions and appearance to the one in the image, each one is handmade so there will be some variations.

We sometimes ship our Bolga baskets flattened to save on shipping costs, and if so we'll include shaping instructions. It's quick and easy!

Aside from being good shopping totes, our large Bolga market baskets serve well for storage of items like toys, towels, and yarn (fiber artists are some of our bets customers!) To clean or re-shape a Bolga basket, simply wet it with cool water, clean and shape it as needed, and allow it to air dry.

Our fair trade Bolga baskets are made in the Bolgatanga region of northern Ghana in West Africa. Bolga baskets are among the best known African baskets because of their versatility and durability. They are woven from elephant grass, which grows abundantly in the area, and the leather handles are made from local goat skin. The basket export industry is a critical source of income for the weavers, especially when harvests are poor. Bolga baskets are also sustainable products, and their production has a minimal impact on the environment. Last but not least, buying an African basket helps traditional craftsmanship to flourish.

About the brand: African Market Baskets is a small business located in Boulder, Colorado that works closely with weavers to ensure fair conditions and wages, as well as high quality products. It is a member of the Fair Trade Federation and Green America, and donates 10% of its profit to Every Basket Helps, a non-profit working to alleviate poverty in northern Ghana.




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