Product Spotlight: Binga Baskets from Zimbabwe

17th Aug 2017

Binga baskets, also commonly called Tonga baskets, are traditional grain winnowing baskets handmade by the Batonga people in the Binga district in Zimbabwe. Most are characterized by a round, flat shape that display easily on walls, altho

ugh occasionally they are bowl-shaped. They are typically cream and brown colored, and are lightweight with a sturdy rim. Ours range in size from about 11" to 20" in diameter, and about 1"-2" deep, although we occasionally see one in a deeper bowl shape.

You can purchase our Binga baskets one of two ways. One option is to select an individual basket that you see pictured, and we will s

hip that exact basket. The other option is to choose from our "Assorted" baskets, and we will choose the basket for you. If you purchase using the second method, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for purchasing three or more, making it a good option if you want to buy several at once.

Bingas are among the more neutral African baskets in color, and their patterns range from simple to elaborate. We don't recommend them for storing fruit or similar, as they are usually too shallow. They are at their best when displayed upright.