Shipping Update

Shipping Update

Posted by admin on 16th Apr 2020

Although our brick and mortar store in Port Gamble, Washington State is closed due to COVID-19, we're still shipping online orders. Only one person has been in our store since March 22nd, and that's me, Tracy Zhu, the owner. I wear gloves while in the store and wash my hands before packing each order. I have been sanitizing packing materials, so if you smell something similar to camphor when you open your package, that's why. 

I'm only shipping orders on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to minimize the contact I have with USPS and FedEx carriers. However, if you need something shipped the same same day you order it, contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Although many who read this post know us only as an e-commerce business, our main source of revenue is our Port Gamble store. It's a blow to lose so much of our high season, but each and every online order keeps us going and is sincerely appreciated.

Everyone take care out there.