Organic Cotton and Jute Scrub Cloths Two Pack

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  • Color: Cream, Brown
  • Material: 100% Certified Organic Cotton, 100% Certified Organic Jute
  • Country of Origin: India

These multi-purpose scrub cloths cloths are handmade in India and are sold as a set of two: one is made of 100% organic cotton, and the other of 100% organic jute. They are about 7" square, and are the natural cream and brown colors of the fibers they are handwoven from. What a wonderful, chemical-free way to clean your dishes, granite counter tops, and even your body! They are durable and long lasting, and when you finally wear them out they can be composted or recycled as potting mesh. Machine wash and tumble dry at any temperature, or run though your dishwasher.

The price shown includes one jute scrub cloth and one cotton scrub cloth.

About the producers: The Toockie® project employs over 200 women in Nababpur, India where there are few humane options for a woman to earn a living. Most of the knitters work at home on a flexible schedule, and utilize a community center to train, knit, pick up yarn, and drop off their finished products.

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